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Member Berry RBx1

Member Berry Rbx1

Member berry RBx1 produces yields of truly boutique flowers.

Her sweet and tart citrus floral flavors are often accompanied by an old-school skunk in certain phenos.

Heavy, Long Lasting Hybrid effects.

  • Genetics: Skunk Berry x Mandarin Sunset

  • Flower Time: 60-65 days

  • Yield: High

  • Terpene Profile: High

  • Extracts: Up to 4-5% Terpenes

  • Cup Winning Flower & Extract 


Gelly Biscuit

Solfire Seeds are for novelty purposes. We fully comply with Federal and State Legislation. As a customer of Solfire Seed Bank you agree to do the same. Should you fail to comply, Solfire will not be held responsible. Solfire Seeds contain no THC

  • Lineage: Biscotti x Why U Gelly (Gelato x The Don Mega)

  • Yield: Heavy

  • Size: Medium

  • Flowering Time: 53-63 days

Snowball S1

Snowball S1

The White x Chem 4 OG

Lush, dark green leaves along with a heavy structure support very dense, trichome-covered, bright, white flowers that like to express purple variation in cooler rooms.


Even Snowball S1's larf is dense. Earthy, gassy and creamy terpenes prevail.

  •  Indoor/Outdoor

  •  Yield: 50-65 grams/sq ft

  • Cup Winner


  • Plant Morphology: Medium

  •  Flower Morphology: Medium

  • Terpene Profile: Medium


Merlin Tonic

This addition to our CBD menu is a magical treat for all that grow her. She produces beautiful medicating buds with ease that rewards even the novice grower tasty potent CBD rich flowers. She has a grape hash aroma and flavor, packed into sparkling purple nugs of healing goodness. Most phenos are a 1:1 cannabinoid ratio. Plant some and make your own magical potion!


  • Breeder : NorStar Genetics

  • Genetics : Harlequin x Purple Mayhem

  • Strain : 40/60 Sativa/Indica

  • Harlequin x Purple Mayhem

  • 400g per m2

  • 8 Weeks

motor breathe


Motorbreath is a mostly indica variety from Pisces Genetics and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors.

Pisces Genetics' Motorbreath is a THC dominant variety.

Genetics: Chemdog D x SFV OG

Odor/Taste: meaty, fuel, chemical, lemon, pine, garlic.

  • THC Range 18.53 - 31.11

  • Days Flower: 65-68

  • Extracts Up To: 14% Terpenes



Nerds was created by crossing Grape Ape from Barney’s Farms with Strawberry Cough from BC Bud Depot for a balanced indica-sativa hybrid strain. This strain can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse setting.

  This hybrid has a mixture of hash and grapes flavors, with a hint of strawberry. Nerds may be a good choice for patients with anxiety, stress and mood disorders. It's light bodily effects may ease some aches and pains as well as nausea.

  • THC Range 22% to 26%

  • Days Flower: 8-9 weeks

  • Extracts Up To: 14% Terpenes

orange harambe

Orange Harambe


This cultivar is known for her extremely unique, pungent flavor and heavy sedative Indica high. Rich mandarin orange and skunk terpenes have led this lady to multiple concentrate awards.

Medium stretch and great calyx to leaf ratio make Mandarin Sunset easy to grow and will bring good yields of amazing flower for decades to come.

  • Tested At: 24% THC

  • Cup-Winning Flower and Extract

  • Yield: 50-70g/ft sq

  • Days Flower: 60-65



This is the clone only pheno of pancakes from cookies, reversed to herself and others to make a new fem line

Odor/Taste: meaty, fuel, chemical, lemon, pine, garlic.

  • THC Range 27-32%

  • Days Flower: 8-9 Weeks


peaches n cream

Peaches N Cream

Peaches and Cream, This is cookies and cream 13 clone x peach cobbler reversal! Made and hunted in house to reverse to it self to make s1’s of the most epic peaches n cream pheno ever! Complete frost monster with large yields and creamy peach and spice terps! 

  • THC Range: 31-37%

  • CBD: 1-2%

  • CBG: 1-2%

  • Days Flower:8-9 weeks


pineapple sorbet

Pineapple Sorbet

Pineapple Sorbet cannabis strain by Aficionado French Connection is a Sativa leaning hybrid. This hybrid has won 5 prizes in 2016's emerald Cup thanks to its phenomenal flower quality. Buds smell and taste like Diesel, overripe pineapples, paint solvent, and fresh lavender spritzed with guava juice.

  • Tested At: 15-18% 

  • Cup-Winning Flower

  • Yield: 50-70g/ft sq

  • Days Flower: 56-63 days

sherbert punch.jpeg

Sherbet Punch (Sativa)

Sherbet Punch combines the grape sweetness and tons of frost of purple punch with more frost and old school orange push pop terps of 2 Scoops. If you like lots of frost and lots of terps, Sherbet Punch will not disappoint!

  • Genetics: 2 Scoops (Grape Sherbet x

  • Orange Sherbet) x Purple Punch

  • Type: Sativa

  • Flowering: 9 weeks

  • Yield: Good

  • Potency: High



A hyped Cookies Family strain, Runtz is a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato that is rare and sought-after. Celebrated for its incredibly fruity profile that smells just like a bag of the sugary candy, the strain has resin-drenched buds that range in color from rich purple to lime green. Runtz is also noted for its creamy smoke that is 

Runtz was given this name for a reason. Putting your nose deep into a bag of Runtz is exactly like smelling a bag full of sugary candy

  • THC Range: 24-28%

  • Days Flower: 8-9 weeks

  • CBD: <1%

supreme diesel.png

Supreme Diesel 


  • Sour Diesel + Jet Fuel Gelato 

  • Hybrid

  • Days Flower: 8-9 weeks

skywalka og kush

Skywalka Ghost Kush

Big Head Seeds outdid themselves with their record-breaking Skywalka Ghost OG seeds. Not only does this polyhybrid include genetics from both the rare & highly sought-after Skywalker Kush & Ghost OG

  • THC: Content 27-30%

  • CBD Content: 0.5-1%

  • Days Flower: 58-65 days

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snowball s1


The White x Chem 4 OG

Lush, dark green leaves along with a heavy structure support very dense, trichome-covered, bright, white flowers that like to express purple variation in cooler rooms. Even Snowball S1's larf is dense. Earthy, gassy and creamy terpenes prevail.

  • THC Range: 24-28%

  • Days Flower: 50-65 Days

  • Yield: 50-65 grams/sq ft

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, otherwise known as "Sour D" or "Sour Deez" is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a 90:10 sativa/indica ratio. The origin of Sour Diesel is frequently debated within the marijuana community. Some say it's a cross between mass super skunk and 91 Chemdog, while others claim that it's a cross between Mexican sativa and a Chemdog phenotype. . 

  • Tested At: 16-19% 

  • Sativa dominant

  • Days Flower: 42-56 days

tropical runtz.jpeg

Tropical Runtz

Genetics: Tropical Truffles x Runtz

  • Days Flower: 8-9 Weeks

white wedding.jpg

White Wedding

Perfect for indoor or outdoor. Extremely dense and large flowers coated in trichomes and rich, complex terpenes that coat the senses. She’s an absolute beast! Medium-large plant with medium-length internodes. Extremely high calyx-to-leaf ratio makes her a delight to trim.

  • GeneticsWedding Cake x Mandarin Cookies x CrescendO

  • Flowering: 63 days

  • Total Cannabinoids: Over 30%

  • CBG: 2%
    CBC: 1%
    THCv: .3%

wedding cake

Wedding cake x Triple OG

As the name suggests; You can set yourself up for a delicious dessert like taste. She has a sour and tangy flavor with a heavenly hint of creaminess.

Her structure is notable for her large and colorful flowers; the buds are dense and coated with an amazing amount of resin which gives her a brilliant and very tasteful look.

Her effects will be noticeable almost instantly, giving you a happy, uplifting even euphoric feeling while at the same time allowing you to stay mentally agile enough to be creative

  • Tested At: 23-27% 

  • 60% Indica x 40% Sativa

  • Days Flower: 9 weeks

10th planet

10th Planet

Planet of the Grapes R1 x The “Pluto Cut” of Quattro Kush

Medium-sized plants with solid vigor and medium stretch in flower. VERY calyx-heavy flower with bare-minimum leaves. Chunky, large and dense flowers gives phenomenal yields in any system or space. 

  • THC Range: 20-25%

  • Total Cannabinoids: 30%

  • Days Flower: 8-9 Weeks

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utopia haze.jpg

4-Tune Cookies

4 Tune Cookies is an unreleased Bangkok Turban strain crossed with Animal Cookies.

Bangkok Turban is DJ Shorts Cocoa Kush x Ultra Genetics' AK Confidential. 

Cocoa Kush is Blueberry x Blueberry Sativa and AK Confidential is the famous LA Confidential by DNA Genetics x Serious Seeds AK47.

  • Days Flower: 7-9 weeks

  • Indica & Sativa

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bananna daddy.jpg

Banana Daddy r1 

Grand Daddy Purp x Banana Hammock R1

Medium-height with strong lateral branching. Chunky dense flowers scattered all around this round bush. Medium-short internodes and heavy stacking. Fast trigger indoor and outside makes this one great for earlier finishing crops.

  • Tested At: 25-30% 

  • Yield: Medium-high

  • Days Flower: 8-9 weeks

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10th planet

Candy Store

Lemon Berry Candy OG x Ethos Cookies #16

Terpenes/Favor: Sharp candied berries, thick floral and sandalwood incense...with a gasoline back.

Beast of a plant!!! Medium-tall with strong lateral branching. She likes to get BIG!! Lots of orange sized nugs stacked all the way down. Monster trichome heads make her perfect for extraction!!

  • THC Range: 30+%

  • CBG: 1-3%

  • Days Flower: 8-9 Weeks

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Chem Pie is a flavorful strain that is true to her name. Her thick, sandy buds radiate with aromas of chemical cleaner and sweet fruity custard. Though primarily an indica-type strain, her Chem lineage lends itself to an uplifting, energetic experience.

  • THC: 16-20%

  • Indica 60% Sativa 40%

  • 62-75 Days

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Black Cherry Soda x Cherry Maduro x Mandarin Sunset

Cherry Gar-see-ya R1 has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and medium internodes then can stretch a little bit. She's not compact or leafy like most cherry varieties. She stacks chunky, baseball-sized nugs from top to bottom, is easy to train in any system and she LOVES growing outdoors!

  • Tested At: 22-25% 

  • Days Flower: 56-63 days

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(Chem D x i95 x Mandarin Cookies) x Headband x i95

CrescendO RBx1 is medium-tall with some stretch; she likes a little training. Sour, gassy and citrus flowers are crushingly strong!

Effects: Heavy, sedate and euphoric.

  • THC Range: 30+%


  • YIELD: Very High

  • Days Flower: 9 Weeks

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Ethos Cookies


Ethos Cookies (Hybrid), is a cross between Mandarin Cookies #17 x Colin OG #1. This strain offers an energetic, creative, euphoric high and helps with pain, anxiety and depression. Cinnamon, hops and orange notes make this one a no-brainer for your weekend smoke session.

  • THC: 22-25%%

  • Cannabinoids: 30%+

  • CBD 1%

  • CBG 1%

  • Days Flower:  9 weeks

  • Yield: Heavy 

georgia pie

Georgia Pie

This is the Georgia Pie clone from cookies reversal to itself to make s1 feminized seeds.big yields, great bag appeal , heavy stone !

  • Tested At: 26-32%

  • CBD: 1-2%

  • CBG: 1-2%


  • YIELD: large

  • Days Flower: 8-9Weeks


Girl Scout Cookies

The little girls out front of the supermarket might be adorable and everything, but if you want to step up your game and dive into a flavorful, euphoric experience then these are the Girl Scout cookies you really want. GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) is a Cannabis Cup award-winning strain comprised of OG Kush and Durban Poison and is perfect for an after-dinner treat or a nightcap.

  • THC Range: 25-28%

  • YIELD: Very High

  • Days Flower: 9-10 Weeks

Grape Biscotti Sundae

Grape Biscotti Sundae

Biscotti is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through a delicious cross of the classic Gelato #25 X Girl Scout Cookies X South Florida OG strains. If you’re looking for a classic indica with an insanely delicious flavor, you’ve found it. Biscotti packs everything you want and more in the effects and taste department into each delicious toke, all fueled by a super high 25% average THC level. 

  • THC: 23-26%%

  •  80% Indica / 20% Sativa

  • Days Flower:  56-63 Days

  • Yield: Heavy 

grape diamond


Grape Diamonds* x Pink Grapefruit

Grape Diamonds is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic Pink Grapefruit X Member Berry strains. Named for its gorgeous appearance and delicious flavor, Grape Diamonds packs a super giddy high that will have you flying to new heights before you know it.

  • Tested At: 25-30%

  • CBD: 1%

  • CBG: 1%

  • Total Cannabinoids: 25-30%

  • YIELD: Huge

  • Days Flower: 9Weeks

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Grenadine Strain

Grenadine is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Miley Cyrus X Karmarado strains. If you’re after a super sweet flavor, look no further – Grenadine has everything that you need and more. This baby packs a sugary sweet fruity berry taste with a cherry exhale that lingers on the tongue

  • THC Range: 18-22%

  • YIELD: Medium\High

  • 50% indica/50% sativa

  • Days Flower: 9-10 Weeks

Inzane in the Membrane Strain

Inzane in the Membrane Strain

Inzane in the Membrane is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy about its heritage. Even with the lack of information about its background, Inzane in the Membrane is a patient favorite for its super heady and happy effects that are perfect for a lazy day at home when you can’t seem to get up and going. It starts with a lift and an influx of cerebral energy, filling you with happiness and motivation, allowing you to focus on your to-do list with ease. 

  • THC: 30-35%%

  •  70% Sativa / 30% Indica

  • Days Flower:  60-70 Days

  • Yield: Inzane 

Lilac Diesel

Lilac Diesel

Lilac Diesel  is a strong, aggressive plant with medium length internodes and heavy lateral branching. She has large, spongy but solid flowers.

  • Tested At: 25+%

  • 50% indica/50% sativa


  • YIELD: Heavy

  • Days Flower: 9Weeks

Mandarin Sunset

Mandarin Sunset


This cultivar is known for her extremely unique, pungent flavor and heavy sedative Indica high. Rich mandarin orange and skunk terpenes have led this lady to multiple concentrate awards. Medium stretch and great calyx to leaf ratio make Mandarin Sunset easy to grow and will bring good yields of amazing flower for decades to come.

  • THC Range: 24%

  • Yield: 50-70g/ft sq

  • Extracts Up To: 14% Terpenes

  • Days Flower: 60-65


Member Berry


Large yields of truly boutique flowers. Sweet and tart citrus / floral flavors are often accompanied by an old school skunk in certain phenos. Heavy, long lasting hybrid effects. Do you member?!

  • THC: 24-28%%

  • Yield: 60-80 grams/sq ft

  • Days Flower:  60-70 Days

  • Extracts Up To: 4-5% Terpenes

Mandarin TK

Mandarin TK

A high variance, challenging to grow gem. She's tall with long internodes. Most flowers are round, calyx-heavy chunks that keep a fair distance from each other. She can yield quite well if grown properly. Her flavor and effects are what make her truly special. A range of different citrus flavors (orange, lime, acrid lemon) accompany a light grassy and pine kush undertone. Her long lasting euphoric effects lean towards a non drowsy indica. 

  • Tested At: 20-24%

  • Yield: 50-70 grams/sq ft

  • Days of Flower: 60-70

  •  Cup Winning Parents

Mandarin Sunset

Purple Sunset 1-5

(Purple Punch x Mandarin Sunset) x (Purple Punch x Mandarin Cookies) x Mandarin Sunset 

Purple Sunset is versatile to most. A good daytime smoke for those that have anxiety issues and want calm without couch-lock. A great night time smoke as well with her euphoric and calming effects.

  • THC Range: 22-24%

  • Yield: Medium/high

  • Total Cannabinoids: 25-30%

  • CBD: 1-2%

  • CBG: 1%

  • Days Flower:  8 weeks

tulsaclones background.jpg

Other Strains available.


  • A.P. Chem

  • Karma Sour

  • Looney Toons

  • M39 Forum Cookies

  • M39 Galatto 33