Providing Quality Clones to Commercial Growers & Dispensaries
Tulsa Clones Goal
We want to provide clones for your commercial or home medical grow.

   We have seen many people buy clones to find out they are infested with bugs. This is unacceptable. We are gearing up from our commercial grow and have built a brand new building geared specifically towards cloning. We will host many 30+ THC strains from various genetics across the world as well as some 1/1 for those who need them. We take preventative measures in our facility which includes, Zerotol, Sanidate, Mammoth Biocontrol, 86, Plant Therapy.  We provide clones in any medium needed. Rockwool, Living Soil, nutrient rich soils & coco. We work with various dispensaries across the city of Tulsa and surrounding cities as well if you are are wanting our clones for your personal home grow they must be purchased for home use through a dispensary. 

( We only sell to OMMA Commercial license holders, Dispensaries, Growers & Processors ), No personal Sales available. Please purchase at dispensary.